English meaning: master, lord
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “Herr, Gebieter”
    Note: Root ario-? : master, lord, derived from Root ar-1*, themat. (a)re-, schwere Basis arǝ-, rē- und i-Basis (a)rī̆ -, rēi- : to move, pass: Gk. ἄριστος “ best in birth and rank, noblest”.
    Material: O.Ind. ar(i)yá- “ mister, convivial “, ǘr(i)ya- “ Aryan “, üryaka “ venerable man “; Av. airyō, O.Pers. ariya- “ Aryan “; Gaul. PN. Ario-münus (GIL, III 4594); Ir. aire (gl. primas) besides airech, where is to be formed *arjo- and *arjako-, which to O.Ind. üryaka behaves as Gk. μεῖραξ “youth” to O.Ind. maryaká- “male” (Pedersen Celt. Gk. II 100). Against it belongs M.Ir. ruire not here, but from ro + rī “ king of kings “. About O.Ind. aryamán n. “ hospitality “, m. “ guest’s friend “, Av. airyaman-, Pers. ērmün “ guest “, see above under al-1. W. Krause (rune inscriptions 539) should read properly Run. arjostēR N. pl. “ the most distinguished, the noblest “, thus would have to be attached indeed an Run. *arjaR “ posh, lofty, noble, plush, gentle, kingly, polite, courtly, elegant, genteel, stately, highbred, exclusive “ and an IE *ari̯o-, in the O.Ind. phonetically with a derivative from arí- “ alien, stranger “ would have collapsed. Kelto-Gmc. PN Ario-vistus however, proves nothing, because Ario- could stand for *Hario-. Also O.Ir. aire, airech “ suitor “ are ambiguous, see above under al-1. Maybe Arrianes Illyr. TN.
    References: WP. I 80.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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